Old Khaki Denim Narrative

The everydaypeoplestories brand team was given the opportunity to collaborate with old khaki. When we were originally approached to take on this campaign, the brand asked us to shoot individuals who are inspiring, authentic, love denim and what it represents.


Old Khakhi-79 copy

The idea was to ask each – what denim means to them. The original idea spoke to us in a good way as denim has roots dating back to the 1800’s.



However we decided to take it a step further by finding everydaypeoplestories sibling bond like friendships to share the old khaki denim narrative for the launch of old khaki #ImDenim.




It goes without saying, a sibling bond may just be one of the longest and strongest relationships of your life.


Old-Khakhi-4Using old khaki’s denim collection to showcase that narrative, we hope you take the time out to get to know the brand that believes in the power of authenticity and the freedom of denim and #unrestricted living. This is what the influencers had to say when possed with the question;

What does denim mean to you?

Aluve Nguza  – “Denim means versality. Transcending from one look to another, simply and comfortably.”



Naso Nguza – “To me denim means ability: ability to be comfortable, ability to be chic, ability to be sexy. All in one.”


John Baloyi – “Wearing denim is like wearing a suit of armour for me.”



Tebogo Mahange -” In the right denim, I feel like I can conquer the world.”


Shelley Mokoena – “Denim means effortless cool, it’s not forced, it just is. It’s timeless. ”



Keneilwe Mothoa – “The beauty about denim is that it is versatile and with age it gets a lot of character.”


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